What is a Good Definition of architecture

What is a good definition of architecture? I think that each person that practices architecture has their own definition of architecture and it depends on who they are, what they work in, and how much space they have. In terms of number, this question kind of Regardless of whether you are an undclad designer, a OFF- Bud CEO of a start-up, or an architect, architect is a blend of art and science.Yet, we have heard, read, and discuss architectural answers using only the technical aspects, yet, the more critical architectural practice is, the more the desire to understand the concept and how it takes shape in space. When questioned by a reporter about architects, the public typically focuses on the emerging processes and technologies used to design buildings and cositary concept. We also hear about the use of detailed computerized models, and how cutting edge these advances are. But, what about the hard and soft relationship between architecture and the engineering practices? We see a c